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Snow Cone Maker - Frozen Foods

Desarrollador Hugs N Hearts

Having a tough time dealing with the summer heat? Step inside and have an ice cold juice drink. Frozen Snow Cone Maker is a great way to turn the temperature down in the summer time. Sit back and sip on an ice drink in a number of different fruit flavors. You know it's delicious because you made it yourself, from scratch!It all starts with the ice shaving machine. Turn that sucker on and watch it make your snow cone from scratch. Now, what flavor juice drink is your favorite? Pick any kind you like, from strawberry and cherry to mango, banana, blueberry and many more. Fill that snow cone with colorful flavorings of your choosing, then add some decorations to make it a work of art!
Beat that tough summer time heat with a soothing flavored ice drink. Snow cones are hot weather's natural enemy!
Features:- Make a virtual snow cone from scratch!- Add any flavor you can imagine!- Decorate your drink with tons of different toppings.- Take your time, these snow cones never melt!
How to Play:- Turn on the snow cone machine using the touch screen.- Grind the ice to make the perfect snow cone.- Add flavors and toppings.